• Credit cards are not accepted. Please prepare cash in the right currency. Highly appreciated if you have the exact amount of money.
  • The Donations are not negotiable. Exception could be for long time bookings. 2days and more.
  • Travel time is not charged but travel costs are not included in the price.
  • There are services included in the price and extra services. Please check what is offered to avoid any misunderstanding during the meeting.
  • Advanced booking is welcome. The sooner you make booking the bigger chance is to be available. The minimum advanced booking time is 2 hours before the meeting.
  • Make contact directly on email, phone number or via booking form. DonĀ“t forget to mention some informations about yourself like your name, phone number, age, interests, meeting place, etc...
  • If the booking should be abroad the travel costs have to paid first. Please contact us and agree how to proceed with air tickets, train tickets, etc...
  • Before the meeting please make sure you are freshly showered, good smell from mounth, smell nice, etc...Please be a gentleman. This will be appreciated and generously rewarded.
  • Please don`t use any perfumes on body or clothes; a) if getting nude service, please wash yourself without any perfumed washing gel or get a showering possibility at meeting point, than i will give you one without perfumes - opt. we also can shower together b) if like to get e.g. dinner accompany, please don`tuse any perfumes on body and clothes too. If you ignore my rules, i will cancel our date.

Adults only ! --- Sexual explict content! --- Not useful for minors!